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Loud Fast and Shitty Punk Rock RadioCast
Category: Alternative
Location: Tampa Bay, FL
Weekly punk rock radio show hosted by Bob Noxious and Erawk The Sinister News, Views, Reviews and Interviews. Broadcasting LIVE every Monday night from 8-10PM ET on www.LoudFastShitty.com and these awesome websites and affiliates...www.RantRadio ...more
Weekly punk rock radio show hosted by Bob Noxious and Erawk The Sinister News, Views, Reviews and Interviews. Broadcasting LIVE every Monday night from 8-10PM ET on www.LoudFastShitty.com and these awesome websites and affiliates...www.RantRadio.com, www.PodunkRadio.com, www.PunkBandPromotions.com, www.PunkSkaHXC.com, www.PunkTorrents.com www.PunkOiSka.com, www.podOmatic.com, www.sickworldradio.com, www.kusrradio.com, www.undergroundskankingradio.com, Stitcher Radio and iTunes.
Weekly punk rock radio show. Broadcasting LIVE every Monday night from 8-10PM ET on www.LoudFastShitty.com

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November 21, 2016 08:42 PM PST

This week on Episode 372 of the Loud Fast and Shitty Podcast Radio Show, America prepares to settle in for a fattening Thanksgiving Feast, and Bob braves the internet on Facebook LIVE. This week, instead of listening to your boring uncle tell the same old stories at the dinner table, pop the headphones in your ears and listen to this week’s latest and greatest punk rawk songs…

This week’s playlist includes...

Stray From The Path - The House Always Wins
Frenzal Rhomb - Johnny Ramone Was In A Fucken Good Band But He Was A Cunt
The Shell Corporation - Cold Reason
Bad Cop/Bad Cop - Get Rad
Rancid - Silence Is The Only Rule
The Supervillains - Political Porn
Jack’s Smirking Revenge - Queen Pity of the Plains
Dropkick Murphys - Blood
Shames - Careless
F.O.D. - American
Müg - Merci
Brutal Youth - Hostile Work Environment
Death By Stereo - I Think About Killing You Everyday
Fladderpuck - To Hell With Good Intentions
Iron Reagan - A Dying World
The Mercenaries - Night Call
Behind Deadlines - Optimism
Mad Caddies - Villains
The Decline - Can’t Have Both
Nothington - Cobblestones
Colorsfade - Frozen In Time
Chris Demakes - I’ll Be Your Eyes
Greg Graffin - Lincoln’s Funeral Train
Off With Their Heads - Clear The Air
Our Darkest Days - Time Has Come (ft. Denis Buckley from 88 Fingers Louie)
Raincheck - Work Less Chill Mass
The Anti-Bodies - Camp Blood
AFI - White Offerings
The Penske File - Home
By All Means - Election Day
Bad Religion - Lost Pilgrim
Riverboat Gamblers - Pilgrims In An Unholy Land
William S. Burroughs - Thanksgiving Prayer

November 07, 2016 07:34 PM PST

This week on Episode 371 of the Loud Fast and Shitty Podcast Radio Show. Bob and Erawk play one metric shit-ton of new punk rock...

Nobodys - Joe Queer Kicked Me Out
Flanders 72 - Bobby Is Going Home
Guttermouth - Mail Order Bride
Reacharounds - Welcome To The World
A Wilhelm Scream - Skid Rock
Bottle Rat - Problems
Honey - Wasted Miles
The Attack - Four Of A Kind
Colorsfade - State of Mind
Dan Cribb - Flaming Moes
Fat By The Gallon - Shit List
The Bennies - Party Machine
Splitters - Can of Gasoline
Selfish Hate - We Don’t Care
The Flatliners - Hang My Head
PIG PEN - Go Die In A Fire
Death By Stereo - I Think About Killing You Everyday
Loser Points - Do You Come Here Often
MUTE - Santa Muerte
The Decline - I Don’t Believe
The Unseen - Goodbye America
The Filthy Radicals - Shots In The Kitchen
Suicide Machines - DDT
Moonraker - Forget The Park
Thirty Helens - Blitz
Tangle - Mr. Nobody
F.O.D. - Crew You
Hope Street - Harlots and Hangovers
Switchblade Villain - Go Go UFO
Western Addiction - My Opinion Is, I Hate It
The Offspring - Call It Religion
The Vandals - People That Are Going To Hell
No Loves - 45
Drakulas - VHS
Slade and the Wasters - Kush For The Push
The Meatmen - I Want Drugs
GG Allin - Anal Cunt

October 17, 2016 09:35 PM PDT

This week on Episode 370 of the Loud Fast and Shitty Radio Show...

Twisty Chris and the Puddin’ Packs - Shut Your Face and Twist
Guttermouth - New Car Smell
Green Day - Bouncing Off The Wall
NOFX - Deadbeat Mom
Superficial Love - The Cryptics
The Mercenaries - Night Call
No Person - Mr Hatfield Goes To McDonalds
Twisty Chris and the Puddin’ Packs - Nancy Reagan Twist
Autonomads - Dickenson Three
Red Elvises - Boogie on the Beach
The 5,6,7,8’s - Bomb The Twist
Spenjamin Bach - Actively Disengaged
Dead To Me - I Wanna Die In Los Angeles
Strung Out - Crows
Svetlanas - 147 Voices
Whole Wheat Bread - Eye For An Eye
Whole Wheat Bread - Old Man Samson
Twisty Chris and the Puddin’ Packs - Jimmy Wants A Haircut
Southern Culture on the Skids - White Trash
The Spivees - Fire Safety
Man or Astroman? - Theme From Eeviac
Awkward Age - New Teen Fiction
The Murderburgers - Lung Capacity
Zipheads - Rampage
Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes - Lullaby
Idiot Genes - No Words
Gogol Bordello - Immigraniada (We Comin’ Rougher)
Twisty Chris and the Puddin’ Packs - Scare The Shit Out Of You Twist

September 19, 2016 08:12 PM PDT

This week on Episode 369 of the Loud Fast and Shitty Podcast Radio Show, Bob is in studio with The Abortion Twins, who are one of the most outspoken bands ever on the show.

Here is this week’s playlist...

Implants - The System
Beach Slang - Atom Bomb
Chixdiggit! - Chupacabras
Abortion Twins - Portugese Breakfast
Treephort - Jesus Would Play This Show For Free
Natterers - Make Room! Make Room!
Stray Bullets - Already Dead
Warm Like Winter - Puke On Cops
Falcon A! - Dope Fiend
Abortion Twins - I’m Not Elite But I’m Better Than You
69 Fingers - Captain Fear
The Hostiles - Inconsiderate
NO!SE - Dull The Pain
Bargain Bin Heroes - Coming Home
Mustard Plug - You
C:28 - One Shot
Abortion Twins - Bottlerocket Sodemy/American Pie Fucker
Nerf Herder - Ghostbusters III
Still Shaking - Legacy
Enola - Modern Guns
PIG PEN - We Hate You
The Meatmen - I Want Drugs
The Warning Shots - Something Going On
Victims of Circumstance - Five Points
Marathon States - Belasco
The Disassociates - Delete All
Flying Frogs - Take Me Back
Xile - Warzone
Achilles The Conqueror - Monuments
Abortion Twins - Playing Pool With The Abortion Twins (LIVE)

September 05, 2016 07:45 PM PDT

This week on Episode 368 of the Loud Fast and Shitty Podcast Radio Show, Bob flies solo in the studio and plays this week’s batch of new music along with a few crusty throwbacks. Share this week’s episode with your friends!

Guttermouth - Shitty Situation
NOFX - I Don’t Like Me Anymore
Clean Break - Affection
The Suspects - Body Parts
The Misfits - 20 Eyes
Green Day - Bang Bang
Pansy Division - He’s Trouble
Entropy - Tonight Is Your Night, Bro
The Queers - Uncouth
Bumpin’ Uglies - Stop The Fall
The Interrupters - She Got Arrested
Victims of Circumstance - Twenty One
Get Dead - No High Road
Against Me! - Haunting, Haunted, Haunts
Gutter Demons - Invaders
The Cryptkeeper Five - 1000 Keys
Dayglo Abortions - Shit Happens
Cruel Hand - Decompose
Barb Wire Dolls - Drown
Neverlearn - Start Tomorrow
Moovalya - Kings
Antagonizers ATL - Dead To Us
American Television - Explosions In This Guy
Suicidal Tendencies - I Saw Your Mommy
Boardroom Heroes - All I Can
The Generators - Killing Time
Rejected Kids - Home
Mr. T Experience - I Fell For You
Western Settings - Waiting Room
Fools Rush - Cajones
United Defiance - Along The Way
Sick Of It All - Step Down
Turnaways - Huntington Beach
Pocket Science - Cult Of My Own
Codename: Rocky - Uprising
Face To Face - Disconnected
Butthole Surfers - Who Was In My Room Last Night?

August 01, 2016 07:36 PM PDT

This week on Episode 367 of the www.LoudFastShitty.com Podcast/Radio Show, Bob and Erawk invite Jake Crash, legendary frontman for Shitcan Dirtbag, Shithouse Slim & The Upper Deckers, Rebel 5 and Old School Boney Fiend, among others in to the studio to do...what else? Talk shit on a Monday night, and what better is there to do but terrorize the internetz? Also on the show is Nathaniel Mansi, of the San Diego based band, Neurotic Mirage. The southern California trio are this weeks PunkBand Promotions - Band of the Week.

Here is this weeks playlist...

The Kenneths - Hollywood
Masked Intruder - Stick ‘Em Up
Direct Hit! - Werewolf Shame
Friends With The Enemy - Fat Mike’s House
Descendents - Human Being
Chris Barrows - Human Being
Sordid Ships - Tsunami Waves
Shitcan Dirtbag - Drink Dance Hoot and Holler
The Bouncing Souls - Driving All Night
Bumpin’ Uglies - Jesus In A Jailcell
The Kimberly Steaks - Off The Grid
PIG PEN - Not A Friend /We Hate You
Handsome Mansion - How Steve Dyer Got His Groove Back
Zip-Tie Handcuffs - Weird Being
Duck & Cover - Sheriff of Broken Jaw
Neurotic Mirage - TV Sorcery
Neurotic Mirage - Born and Raised
Neurotic Mirage - The Freedom Ranch
The Offspring - Sharknado!
Turnaways - Zombie Queen
The Dumbheads - Can’t Bet On That
Shitcan Dirtbag - Hell’s About As Low As You Can Go
Junior Bruce - The Promised Sleep
Gnarwolves - Melody Has Big Plans
Gibberish - Chemical Upgrade
Sloppy Seconds - I Don’t Wanna Be A Homosexual
Gardy Loo! With El’ Duce - First Shit of the Morning

July 25, 2016 08:02 PM PDT
itunes pic

This week on Episode 366 of the Loud, Fast and Sh*tty Radio Show, Bob welcomes J-Hawk from the Salinas, California street punk band, INFIRMITIES, to talk about their latest 7", The Faith and the Fury, which is available through Malt Soda Records . Also on the show, Shark Fin Shawn, from the Calgary, Canada based skate-punk band, Loser Points, who have just release a split with Good vs Evil through Kickstand Records.

Here is the playlist...

NOFX - Six Years On Dope
Ten Foot Pole - Scars
Statues On Fire - Nowhere Is Always Where I Go
Struggling For Reason - Long Is The Road
Three Grams - Before The Fall
Descendents - No Fat Burger
The Dirty Nil - Zombie Eyed
The Offspring - Tehran
The Gamits - KGB Are Still Looking For Me
Versus You - When McCarthy Came Knocking At My Door
Killtime - Disneyland
The Irfirmities - The Final Conviction
Today Forever - Final Remark
The Horribles - Bury The Hate
Suicidal Tendencies - Subliminal
Implants - The System
WIZO - Verwesung
The Windermeres - Faux News Shouting Match
On The Cinder - Under Control
Billy Talent - Afraid Of Heights
Höney - Blast
The Murderburgers - 8am Headlights
Alex The Kid - Skate Or Lie
Loser Points - All My Circuits
Good vs. Evil - Freaks Of SoCal
Trashed Ambulance - Blurry
RedEyed Jedi - The Grind
Double Feature - A Fistful Of Quarters
Threepwood - Falling Apart
Southpaw - Set It Off
Shonen Knife - Jump In To The New World
Kamikaze Girls - Stitches
White Lung - Dead Weight
Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man - I Wanna Be A Spaceman

July 18, 2016 07:29 PM PDT
itunes pic

This week, Bob and Erawk spend a lot of time talking shit and playing new music. Bob talks to Scott from the Montreal based oi band, Out Of Order, who are currently on tour after having their van stolen.

Here is a list of this weeks music...

Bottlenose Koffins - Mouf
Get Dead - Dyin ‘ Is Thirsty Work
Panzerbastard - The Devil Wins Every Time
Loser Points - Humongous Big
The Bouncing Souls - Writing On The Wall
Gentlemen Prefer Blood - Let It Sink
The Vapids - Spelling Mistakes
The Windermeres - Fashion Punks Fuck Off
The Raging Nathan's - Bartending The Funeral
Zebrahead - Who Brings A Knife To A Gunfight
Islander - Think It Over (ft. H.R. From Bad Brains)
Poison Idea - Calling All Ghosts
The Generators - Ton of Bricks
Against Me! - 333
Larrikia - Wake Up
Forever Unclean - Dinosaur
The Dopamines - Dave Wipfler
Barge - Social Pressure
Smoke Break - Triple A
Bent Life - Thanks For Nothing
Stick To Your Guns - Universal Language
Shorter Than Fast - For Better Days
Spirits - Poison Tolerance
Burn Burn Burn! - Drink It Away
PIG PEN - Diahrrea and Febreeze
Good vs Evil - Something For Nothing
Mischief Brew - The Gypsy, The Punk and the Fool (A Tale)

July 11, 2016 07:32 PM PDT
itunes pic

This week on Episode 364 of the Loud Fast and Shitty Radio Show, Bob and Erawk host Rick Manners, a 67 year old music aficionado with a passion for punk rock and patriotism in 2016. He is in the studio in support of his new United States of $CAMerica Compilation and spins stories of life as an "old" punk rocker. Bob also chats with this week's Punk Band Promotions - Band of the Week, Hello Bastards, a collective from around the world who have been living in London for many years. This band was started to give voice to their views and beliefs, and to encourage punk music to become a political threat again.

Here is this weeks playlist…

Sum 41 - Fake My Own Death
Guttermouth - A Punk Rock Tale of Woe
Hellions - Quality of Life
NOFX - Generation Z
Descendents - Without Love
Car Bomb Driver - Electric Sheilah
Bad Religion - Individual
Rick Manners - Bottomfeeder
The Fuck Ups - Stop The War
PIG PEN - Bad Mother Fucker
Social Distortion - All The Answers
Angel Du$t - Headstone
Psychopigs - Cops Are Coming
Dead Cat Lounge - Day Drinking
Plow United - Everything
The Young Rochelles - I’m No Good
Real Sickies - Go Away
Loser Points - We’re Number Three
Tiger Tank - B List Singer
Rick Manners - Gimme
The Filthy Radicals - We’re All Fucked Now
Blindspot - Breakfast Beers
Rick Manners - Red $tate, Blue $tate, Purple $tate $$Green$$
The Venomous Pinks - I Really Don’t Care
Newschooled - Bombs Are Falling
New York Dolls - Stranded in the Jungle

June 27, 2016 07:15 PM PDT
itunes pic

This week on Episode 363 of the Loud Fast and Shitty Radio Show, Bob chats with Queynan and Seth from this week’s Punk Band Promotions - Band of the Week, Mike Hawk’s Dishonorable Discharge. The Stockton, California based band explains their “vulgar and obnoxious” reputation, their friendship with Dirty Boy Andrew and what it is like to be a part of a local scene that is predominantly metal and grindcore.

Lots of new music dominates this week’s show. Here is the complete list…

Piffbreak Arcade - The Bad Guy
Bouncing Souls - Up To Us
The Enders - Our Mothers Are Calling
OFF! - Red White and Black
Descendents - Victim Of Me
Screeching Weasel - Attention!
Minority of One - Remedies For Pain (ft. Stephan Egerton)
Lagwagon - Made of Broken Parts
Useless ID - State Is Burning
The Gateway - Halo
The Murderburgers - The Waves
Off With Their Heads - Clear The Air
Riverboat Gamblers - Massive Fraud
Dutch Nuggets - Tasteless
Down Memory Lane - Smoke and Mirrors
Pennywise - Killing Time
Union Jack - All Ages
Beat The Smart Kids - Rise Up!
Les Skalpes - Repression d’info
Leftover Crack - Crack City Rockers
The Right Here - ‘Til The Wheels Come Off
The Scandals - Lucky 7’s
The Interrupters - On A Turntable
Hightime - Splitside
Mike Hawk’s Dishonorable Discharge - DBA
Mike Hawk’s Dishonorable Discharge - I Fucked Your Mom
Mike Hawk’s Dishonorable Discharge - Straight Edge
The Adolescents - Jacobs Ladder
Masked Intruder - If Only
Blink 182 - Rabbit Hole
Trash Boat - How Selfish I Seem
The Antagonizers - Pressure
Toys That Kill - Ready To Fall
Survival Method - Total Extinction
Suicidal Tendencies - How Will I Laugh Tomorrow
No Real Hero - Pieces Fall Into Place
Labouv - Mon Art Mes Lacunes
Misgiver - God’s Acre
G.L.O.S.S. - Trans Day of Revenge
The Wonder Beers - Geezers

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