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Loud Fast and Shitty Punk Rock RadioCast
Category: Alternative
Location: Tampa Bay, FL
Weekly punk rock radio show hosted by Bob Noxious and Erawk The Sinister News, Views, Reviews and Interviews. Broadcasting LIVE every Monday night from 8-10PM ET on www.LoudFastShitty.com and these awesome websites and affiliates...www.RantRadio ...more
Weekly punk rock radio show hosted by Bob Noxious and Erawk The Sinister News, Views, Reviews and Interviews. Broadcasting LIVE every Monday night from 8-10PM ET on www.LoudFastShitty.com and these awesome websites and affiliates...www.RantRadio.com, www.PodunkRadio.com, www.PunkBandPromotions.com, www.PunkSkaHXC.com, www.PunkTorrents.com www.PunkOiSka.com, www.podOmatic.com, www.sickworldradio.com, www.kusrradio.com, www.undergroundskankingradio.com, Stitcher Radio and iTunes.
Weekly punk rock radio show. Broadcasting LIVE every Monday night from 8-10PM ET on www.LoudFastShitty.com

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May 16, 2016 08:33 PM PDT
itunes pic

This week on Episode 359 of the Loud Fast and Shitty Podcast Radio Show, Boney Fiend is in the studio with discussing their upcoming Ramones Tribute show, their upcoming CJ Ramone opening gig and Jimmy Bones used pizza and sandwich collection.

Bob checks in with Steve Rawles from the legendary Calgary based skate-punk band, Belvedere. Steve talks about recording the first Belvedere record in 12 years, the challenges of modern day touring and the resurgence of 90’s punk.

Bob also talks with the Chicago, Illinois based band, The Forty Whacks, who explain their early existence, their misplaced original singer, and how they ended up with their “around the way girl”, Katie-O. They take a trip down memory lane and revel at how useless cassette tapes are before revealing that their new singer is a drug mule, and a beer snob. In all seriousness, the conversation turns to their songwriting process and recording with 88 Fingers Louie, Dan Precision. Eventually, as their beer flows freely, the band begins their standup comedy routine. These guys and gal kick ass! Make sure to find them on Facebook, give them a like, and for fucks sake...go see them live!!

Here is this week's playlist...

Lagwagon - May 16
Boney Fiend - Ar Ay Em Oh En Ee Es
Ramones - Weasel Face
Boney Fiend - I Wanna Be Tesco Vee
The Meatmen - We’re The Meatmen and You Suck!
Pennywise - Brag, Exaggerate and Lie
Since We Were Kids - Restored
Pitt The Elder - Fear and Loathing
The Grim - I Hate Life
CJ Ramone - I Hate Life
Broken Gold - Dome Light
Boney Fiend - I Am The Batman
Belvedere - Revenge of the Fifth
Belvedere - Transmissions
No Real Hero - Silence
The Vulnerable - Drive
Mark and the Wolves - Eye For An Eye
The Forty Whacks - Fun Tomorrow
The Lillingtons - I Need Some Brain Damage
Billy Talent - Afraid of Heights
Cold Collective - Away From You
Doghouse - Off With Their Heads
Boney Fiend - Just Like Dweeb
Bum City Saints - Bullets Not Bailouts
The Forty Whacks - Just Get By
Boney Fiend - The Corpse of Rock ‘n Roll

May 09, 2016 07:36 PM PDT
itunes pic

This week on Episode 358 of the Loud Fast and Shitty Radio Show, Bob chats with Rob Billheimer from this week’s Punk Band Promotions - Band of the Week, Newschooled. The band hails from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and could quite possibly be one of the hardest working bands out there right now. They released two recordings back-to-back last year and are currently working on another. Conversations include nazi punks, cliquey scenes, transgendered band members and pulling the wool over people's eyes.

Without taking ourselves too seriously, here is this week’s playlist of the cool kids.

The Rotten Blue Menace - Friends and Enemies
Sniper 66 - Messiah
Heart Attack Kids - Deaf Dogs
Polar - Blood For Blood
Tartar Control - Jesus Is Love
PMX - Oceans
New Dead Project - Way To The End
Main Line 10 - Who Am I
Bouncing Souls - The Blackout
D.O.A. - Fucked Up Donald
The Spears - Born Bad (ft. Greg Ginn)
Deposit Man - I Wish I Was Gay
Suicidal Tendencies - Slam City
Strike Again - Guilty Of Being Human
Statuses On Fire - No Tomorrow
Hot Mass - Repeat
The Adolescents
The Parasitix - No Fuckin’ Way
Blanks ’77 - Up The Punks
Throwing Rocks - Drone Party
Newschooled - Homocide
Newschooled Interview Part 1
Newschooled - Angels
Newschooled - Go All Out
KEN mode - Failing At Fun Since 1981
The CG’s - Fat Bitch
Blink 182 - Built This Pool
PIG PEN - Kill Yourself
Ramones - Warthog
Grizzly Trail - Think Don’t Speak
Ethan 103 - Punk Rock Fashion Police
Your Loss - Theatre Trash
Government Issue - Strange Wine
Newschooled Interview Part 2
Newschooled - Joey Useless
Useless I.D. - State Is Burning
The Barefoot Sailors - No Freedom In Country (A Love Story) Stöj Snac - Fuck!
Stoj Snak - Fuck!
The Riot Gang - Distracting Noises

May 02, 2016 07:35 PM PDT
itunes pic

American Television - Better Living Through Chemistry
Assassination Squad - Korean Punk Rock
The Croissants - We’re In The Basement
Crooked Jacks - The Departed
Masked Intruder - Take What I Want
Raptus di Follia - No Luck
The Forty Whacks - Drunk By Noon
Pints - Still Drinking, Still Smoking, Still Gambling
Rise Against - Reception Fades
NerveGuns - Fucked Up
SiBANNÄC - Stroke
Descendents - Rotting Out
Animal Train - Open Grave
The Svetlanas - Tinky Winky
Pussycat Kill - Don’t Go Away
Besserbitch - Hate Anthem
Not On Tour - Rumors
The NoShows - Not Sorry
The Hostiles - To Err Is Human (SKA)
Less Than Jake - Suburban Myth (LIVE at The Astoria)
Blink 182 - Bored To Death
Hatebreed - Looking Down The Barrel Of Today
Broken Teeth - Show No Mercy
Losing End - Bathed In Blood
M.O.D. - Hermanos
Throwing Darts - Stone Age
Venerea - The Final Wall
Pretty Boy Thorson & Lil’ Happiness - Wait
Screeching Weasel - God Damn You
The Infidels - Bag Of Weed
SHOT! - Error Strikes Again
I Am The Owl - Thoughts And Prayers
Wince Bottom Of The Barrel
Tiger Army - Firefall

April 18, 2016 10:17 PM PDT
itunes pic

This week on Episode 356 of the Loud Fast and Shitty Podcast Radio Show. Less talk, more rawk! Bob hangs out in his garage and plays a bunch of new punk music for the week of April 18, 2016.

This week's show included...

Bitter Grounds - Radio Silence
NOFX - The Hepatitis Bathtub
Direct Hit! - Chemical Ability
Mean Jeans - 69 Tears
51 Percent - Fuck Them
The Transgressions - I Don't Wanna Be
Margate - Toilet
Fire At Will - A Promise Is A Debt
Dag Nasty - Circles
Bar Creeps - The Hour Between Dog and Wolf
The Jukebox Romantics - Art of Wrestling With Life
Brocker - Gimme Gimme Rock n' Roll
Nadir - Reasons To Leave
Die Faster - Breaking News
Colorsfade - Chains
Life Coach - Dead Ends
REPS - Dead In The Water
Spirits - Cracks In Our Unity
SVU - Kill Your Pimp
Backdrop Falls - Flesh and Bones
Useless I.D. - We Don't Want The Airwaves
The Brass - You Know Who You Are
Zero Eight One - The Meaning Of My Words
The War Goes On - Ugly Part of Town
Stay Wild - Trigger Warning
PIG PEN - Bad Mother Fucker
The Slow Death - Bored To Death
Plow United - Everything
Suicidal Tendencies - Trip At The Brain
Mischief Brew - Squatter Envy

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April 11, 2016 08:02 PM PDT
itunes pic

This week on Episode 355 of the Loud Fast and Shitty Radio Show, Bob Noxious speaks with Eric Tullpo, of the E.D. Show - Fanzine, about his absent-mindedness at a recent trip to the grocery, Internet technology, and more importantly, A Man Called Stabb. The 21 song compilation is a benefit for DC punk legend John Stabb, of Government Issue, who has recently been experiencing a traumatic slew of health issues. Check it out at amancalledstabb.bandcamp.com.

Lots of new music this week. Here is the playlist.

KarbomB - Holy Babble
Flanders 72 - Bombs Away
The SO So Glows - Missionary
The Prozacs - A Little Something
DFMK - Pre-Tension
Wraths - War Drums
Castoff - Certain As The Sun
Habits - The Defeatist
The Holy Mess - Flesh of the Fresh, Blood of the Dove
Mug - Misery Guts
Fire At Will - Walk The Line
The Jasons - Get Fucked
Garbage Point - Lost In The Woods
The Bennies - Party Machine
Iggy Pop w/ Josh Homme - Repo Man
Tenement - Freak Cast In Iron
Black Bolt - Today’s Empires, Tomorrow's Hashtags
The Attendants - Hesitation: A Way Of Life
Trashed Ambulance - Delinquent
Teenagers - Hold It In
Scumbag Millionaire - Dead End
Sketchy - Pacemaker
Never Been Famous - Smile Without A Face
The Living End - Monkey
The Falcon - Sergio's Here
The Brokedowns - King of the Dust
Maxwells Dead - The Doctor
Pepper - Vacation
The Maxies - Girl With The Horn Rimmed Glasses
Projeckt Daghouse - Thousand Days
Leftover Crack - Land Down Under

March 28, 2016 08:14 PM PDT
itunes pic

This week on Episode 354 of the Loud Fast and Shitty Radio Show, Bob and Erawk welcome The J.P.P. In to the studio. The J.P.P., who love their anachronisms, debut several tracks from their next upcoming release. This episode operates on Ted Turner time…

Here is the playlist, which includes a lot of rad shit!

The J.P.P. - U2 Killed Joey
The Scurvy - X Marks The Spot
Fierce Morgan - X Marks The Spot
Belvedere - Hairline
PEARS - Cumshots
Spirits - Cracks In Our Unity
A Capital Theat - Planned Obsolescence
The J.P.P. - Thunderpine
Giants - Break The Cycle
Despite Everything - Joke’s On Us
Meth Mouth - Life Vice
Cold Collective - Away From You
Morning Glory - Suicide Salad
Horror Section - They’re Coming
Graveyard Johnnys - Ready To Roll
Energy - Pet Sematary
The J.P.P. - The Toaster Laughed
Grown Apart - Big Man
March - Stand In Line
The J.P.P. - Stomach King
Dayglo Abortions - The Dishwasher
Spenjamin Bach - Paddleboard Shark Fishing
Rotting Out - Born
DISCHARGE - Hatebomb
Riverboat Gamblers - DissDissDissKissKissKiss
Turnaways - I Wanna Be An Outsider
Teenage Bottlerocket - Ice Age (Joy Division Cover)
The J.P.P. - Hiccup
The Abortion Twins - I’m Not Elite But I’m Better Than You
Deftones - Doomed User
PIG PEN - Diarrhea and Febreeze
The J.P.P. - Rickhole
Slayer - You Against You
Lillake - Killing Game
The J.P.P. - Wizard-Stick
Suicidal Tendencies - Human Guinea Pig

March 14, 2016 09:01 PM PDT
itunes pic

This week on Episode 353 of the Loud Fast and Shitty Radio Show, Bob and Erawk are in the studio with Toronto, Canada based, The Anti-Queens, for an extended THREE HOUR show!

The Anti-Queens - Halls Of Ivy
Boardroom Heroes - All I Can
Skipjack - Rise and Fall
Loser Points - Machismo
Josh Homme w/Iggy Pop - Break Into Your Heart
Nosebleed - It's Alright
Down Memory Lane - Smoke and Mirrors
The Anti-Queens - Ladders (ft. Sarah. Blackwood)
The Kimberley Steaks - Ticking Over
Ravena - Reload, Erase
Mean Jeans - Night Vision
Wonk Unit - I Hate You
Colin Farrell - Nobody Wants Your Rock n Roll
The Nailheads - Downtown No Place
Black Cat Attack - Death From 1000 Feet
The Sorority - Survivors Issues
Culture Abuse - Dream On
The Anti-Queens- Quick Cure (ft. Jen Blackwood)
NerveGuns - My Promise
The Coathangers - Nosebleed Weekend
The Prozacs - Spring Valley Shopping Mall
Trashed Ambulance - Boring
Throwing Stuff - The Hunter
The Jasons - Tommy Was A Teenage Mutilator
No Person - There’s A Fine Line Between Heaven and Here
Dirty Fonzy - Fuckers
Since We Were Kids! - Hard Cement No Regrets
The CG’s - Punk Is Dalia
The Anti-Queens - 4 Tits
The Frights - Kids
Faintest Idea - Circling The Drain
Singod - Blindfold Theory
PIG PEN - Every Day of the Week
Black Cat Attack - Kitties In Space

March 07, 2016 07:36 PM PST
itunes pic

This week on Episode 352 of the Loud Fast and Shitty Radio Show, Bob and Erawk sit and watch wrestling with Rich and Danny from the Abortion Twins. In a rare occurrence, the twins arrived sober, with the intention of staying that way...until Bob breaks out the moonshine.

Bitter Grounds - Radio Silence
Fifty/Fifty - Piece Of Mine
Dwarves - Who Am I
Twister - I Don’’t Wanna But I Wanna
The Falcon - The Fighter, The Rube, The Asshole
Yoko Oh No - Bucket Of Crabs
On The Cinder - Cleaned Out
Nerf Herder - The Girl Who Listened To RUSH
Flanders 72 - Gundinho Is A Punk Rocker
Radical Failure - Lifelong Tear
Abortion Twins - This One Will Write Itself
Guttermouth - The Towel
No Nipples - Kiss My Ass
PEARS - Green Star
The Attack - Scene Report
The Holophonics - Stressed Out
Seven Thirty Seven - Run
Murderland - Splitsville
The Melvins - Limited Teeth
Day Oof - The Porn
Dull Knives - YA Lit
Abortion Twins - I’m Not Elite But I’m Better Than You
Millencolin - True Brew
Black Market - DOA
Lebowskis - Summer
Eat The Turnbuckle - The Crippler
Sparkle fight - Bloody Vagina
Bloodhound Gang - The Ballad of Chasey Lain
The CG’s - Punk Is Dalia
Blanks 77 - Hey You
The Parasitix - No Fuckin’ Way
Abortion Twins - Kings Misfortune
Abortion Twins - Cocksucker In A Three Piece Suit

February 22, 2016 07:18 PM PST
itunes pic

This week on Episode 351 of the Loud Fast and Shitty Radio Show, Bob and Erawk play a bunch of punk songs, and Mikey Fiend from Boney Fiend shares a download link in the live chat room for their cover of PIG PEN. Rawk!

Face To Face - Bent But Not Broken
Bad Religion - Individual
A Dying Regime - Somnombulance (Strung Out Cover)
Cop Out - Oh No!
Suicidal Tendencies - Institutionalized
51 Percent - Bad Apple
Fozzys Hero - Mass Destruction
School Damage - 678 Bathurst St
The Shell Corporation - Raum Der Zeit (WIZO Cover)
Dead On A Friday - Early Grave
Gunner’s Daughter - Anchorless (Propagandhi Cover)
Problem Daughter - O Bother, Where Art Thou
Dead Rejects - Spill Your Guts
Yankee Brutal - Heavy Metal Winner (Consumed Cover)
Avenues - THRASHER
Missiles of October - Become An Asshole
Boney Fiend - Just Like Dweeb
UnderTipper - Make It Black
Samuel Colwell’s Revenge - Fruitless Fortunes (Swingin’ Utters Cover)
Wolves&Wolves&Wolves&Wolves - What I Bleed
Booze Cruise - Not Your Saviour (NUFAN Cover)
Sic Waiting - Libel (TILT Cover
Steve Jasper - Forty
Be Like Max - Sin City Rude Kids
Abraskadabra - Not Your Saviour (NUFAN Cover)
Riot Club - Cut To The Chase
D.R.I. - Argument The War
Hate For State - Better (Good Riddance Cover)
Flat Broke - Our Crusade
The Meatmen - Real Men Hang To The Right
Spanish Love Songs - Paper Cup

February 15, 2016 07:31 PM PST
itunes pic

This week on Episode 350 of the Loud Fast Shitty Radio Show, Bob and Erawk spend an evening trading verbal jabs and spin a bunch of punk tunes...here is the playlist.

Superbuick - Skater To The Grave
Turbonegro - All My Friends Are Dead
Parasite Diet - Night of the Bugs
The Meatmen - I Want Drugs
Ramones - I Wanna Live
The Scurvy - Wake Up!
Last Action Zeros - Red White and Bruised
The Anti-Queens - Ladders
Petrol Girls - Slug
Bleeding Money - Stairway To Heaven
Vapo-Rats - Washed Up At Twenty
Local Resident Failure - (Still) Kickin’ On
Leftover Crack - Poliamor Fiesta Crack
Big Brother - Corexit
AFI - He Who Laughs Last
Falcon A! - I Don’t Go Home To You
Sketchy - “Ska Is Dead” Is Dead
Teenage Bottlerocket - Be Stag
Masked Intruder - The Most Beautiful Girl
Artists Nancy - Pages
Millencolin - Stalemate
Enziguri - New Age
The Horribles - The Voice
The Nerve Scheme - Public Offender
Three Bad Jacks - Crazy In The Head
The Booze Brothers - Rip Off
Twisty Chris - Who’s Drinkin’ Abe Lincoln
Diesel Boy - Titty Twister
Regressives - Problems
Slide and the Wasters - Kush For The Push
GWAR - Bloodbath
Guns n’ Wankers - Skin Deep
Dag Nasty - Million Days
88 Fingers Louie - 100 Proof
Wisdom In Chains - Joey Ramone

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